Our Family

Since 2009 we run our wildlife shelter. For us, it does not matter how big or small an animal is, it can be 15 grams or 15 kilo. It doesn’t matter, what species or gender the animal is. It doesn’t matter, how angry and scared or affectionate the animal is. We don’t care, how many scratch or bite marks we end up with or how many ticks and mites they bring to us.

We always do the same thing. We provide shelter, we provide comfort, we provide affection, we provide before and after surgery care, we provide surgery, we provide silence, we provide play time, we provide training and lessons, we provide physio, we provide food, we provide hydration, we provide cooling and warming, we provide love. We drive hundreds of kilometres to find the right food or the right treatment or the right release spot. We simply give everything we have and always go the extra mile and even beyond. We give ourselves and we are on their side when they cross the bridge.

The moment an animal comes through our door it becomes part of our family. A family witch has grown over the years into the hundreds.

We like to indroduce you to just a little few of them to give you an impression what characters and souls we have meet on our journey so far.

Not all of these encounters were happy ones. Wildlife care and rescue means in many cases also to end suffering, to help these souls to let go. All we can do in those moments is being with them, make sure they are not in pain, they are warm and feel loved.


Rescue and rehabilitation of injured and orphan wildlife