Goliath the Ringtail

Goliath was a wild male Ringtail. Apart from not moving his lower part, with over 900 grams he was a very healthy boy. He came to us from another Shelter which realized that this animal is in need of very intensive care which they could not provide. For an wild mature animal he is surprisingly friendly and easy to handle.

Goliath is bright and friendly Goliath likes to hang out

Our first check showed nearly no movement in his lower body. But the signals from the brain came actually through to the tip of his tail and into every toe of his back legs. Therefore the first diagnosis was ‘nerve damage’. We have seen cases like this before and they all came good after a few months in intensive care and daily physio therapy.

But before we could tackle this injury we had to master the secondary diagnosis ‘mange’. Because we recognized this mites early enough, after 3 weeks all of the mites were gone and a few weeks later he was healed from this terrible disease.

While we were working on the Mange we also did the physio therapy to fight the nerve damage. We were expecting that the progress would be slower than usual because of the Mange. But something didn’t felt right. We had a terrible intuition. We decide to go to the vet again. Our vet of choice is back from holiday and we talk about Goliath and decide that we need an x-ray to be sure. As much as we have expected the diagnosis it still hurts – ‘Broken Spine’.

Goliath top view Goliath side view

This kind of injury is theoretically treatable. But with an animal that small the possibility to damage even more is incredible high. No normal vet has the equipment to do such kind of surgery. If where is someone who could help Goliath, it is The Healesville Sanctuary. So we take Goliath to Healesville, knowing what the most likely outcome will be.

Goliath falls to sleep in Dani’s hands to never wake up again. We dearly miss you Goliath. RIP Goliath.

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