Houdini the Ringtail

Houdini was surrenderd by another carer to the Healesville Sanctuary. They passed him on to us. He was the brightest spark and the life itself. He was always active and chatty at all times. I think, we have never seen him sleeping.

When he came in he was bold and was loosing fur across his whole body. The degree of hair loss was new to us and it seemed to go on for some time.

Houdini having a drink

The reason for this hair loss is unclear. It could vary from a intolerance of certain food to hygiene issues experienced in captivity. We will never know. Houdini died 3 weeks later in freedom and safety of his nest.

Houdini on the run again Houdini sitting still for a sec Houdini on the lookout for the next trouble

They say ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. For us he was one of the most beautiful creatures we ever came across.

RIP you little spark of joy.

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