Little Foot the Brushtail

It is early August 2010, winter time. At night the temperature is still dropping down to zero. But spring is approaching rapidly. A big tree in Kalorama has fallen and suddenly this little soul is laying on the ground. There is no sight of the mam. The caring family living there have picked her up and warmed her up before calling us.

Little Foot in August 2010

Just minutes after the call we pick her up and she became part of our family even before arriving on our place. Only 171 grams, she is a gentle soul, friendly and curious. We call her ‘Little Foot’ and she is our first female Brushtail joey. As all marsupials which are used to be very close and attached to their mam she needs much attention and loves to cuddle up with us.

Little Foot snuggled up

Time is flying and the months come and go. Apart from missing one toe she has grown up to a very healthy female. It is late summer. Autumn is knocking on the door. March 2011, time to say good bye.

Little Foot in February 2011

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