Torch the white spotted Ringtail

Autumn 2015, beginning April we got a pair of brother and sister in care. They appear to be very healthy Ringtail babies. But what we don’t know at this point in time, this little fur balls will teach us something new.

Torch hanging out Cara hanging in

Both look very different Cara is brown, Torch is the grayish type. Both are very curious and not afraid of anything. Mam was killed by a car.

Torch looking out for trouble Cara being curious

The time went by and both showed something which we had never seen before. Both developed white spots all over their bodies. Torch showed it in a much bigger degree than Cara. The white coloured fur was always a bit longer than the normal coloured fur. Both were part of a group of 6 animals. No one of the others showed this symptoms. Apart from this miscoloured fur they both seemed to be perfectly healthy and happy little Ringtails.


Eventually we got the diagnosis ‘Vitiligo’. Sounds like something nasty and infectious. But it is harmless and only a cosmetic disorder. Most likely caused by a genetic mutation, it is not infectious or nasty in any way. Vitiligo is rare in Ringtails, so rare that we could only find one more known case in Tasmania.

Both grow up to healthy Ringtails and the whole group of six went into an happy release in spring 2015.

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